About Us

We are committed to helping our customers achieve success.

Welcome to Expand UP

We are a Brazilian startup specialized in developing plugins for WordPress. We are a new company, but we are ready to offer solutions that will expand your business results.

Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the WordPress CMS. We strive to develop plugins that meet the needs of the market and our customers, offering products that are easy to use and configure. This way you can invest your time in what really matters, your business.


The development

We strictly follow WordPress development standards and software development best practices, ensuring our plugins are compatible and safe to use on your website.

The creation

We maintain an open channel with our customers and partners, so that we can receive feedback and suggestions for new solutions. We believe that collaboration is the key to creating products that meet real market needs.

The appointment

Our goal is to help our customers focus on their business by providing solutions that simplify and improve the user experience on their WordPress sites. As per our slogan “Expanding your results is our focus”, we are committed to helping our customers achieve success.

Creative Area

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Customer Support

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