Activation Rules

Registration of Main Domain

Welcome to our plugin activation service! To ensure that you can use our features properly, we kindly request you to register your main domain on our platform.

What includes the main domain:

  • Your main domain (e.g.,

What is automatically allowed:

  • Subdomains related to your main domain (e.g.,
  • Common test domains (e.g., .dev, .local, .test, .staging, and others)
  • Localhost: For users conducting local tests using tools like XAMPP or Local WP.

All the rules

In order to help creators work with staging sites, there are a number of staging and development domains that do not count toward your license activations.
Following is a list of staging/development sites that won’t count towards your license activations – just replace “example” with your site name. Keep in mind that the domain name must match one of the following formats in order for it not to count as an activation.

TLD (Top-level Domains) that are not considered as an activation:

  • .dev (
  • .local (example.local)
  • .test (example.test)
  • .staging (example.staging)
  • .example (example.example)
  • .invalid (example.invalid)

Subdomains that are not considered an activation:

  • dev.* ( This can also be implemented as:exampledev.* (
  • local.* (
  • test.* ( This can also be implemented as:.test. (
  • staging.* ( This can also be implemented as:.staging. (
  • staging[0-9].* ( This can also be implemented as:.staging[0-9].(
  • stage.* ( This can also be implemented as:.stage. (

There are also specific hosting companies or other web services with domains that do not count toward license activation.

  • * (
  • * (
  • * (
  • dev-* (
  • test-* (
  • staging-* (
  • staging-* (
  • * (
  • * (
  • * (
  • * (
  • * (

Thank you for choosing our services! If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.